From this project he received farmer’s skill development training and advisory service besides attending in courtyard meeting. Moreover from project he learnt how to make vermi compost, quick compost and organic pest killing system.

After getting necessary training and techincal aid from the project he decided to cultivate safe and high value vegetables. He took 20,000 taka as loan through project and started cultivating cucumber in 15 decimal, brinjal in 15 decimal, zucchini in 15 decimel and carrots in 12 decimel land. In his field hi used organic fertilizer, vermi compost and very little quantity of chamical fertilizer. Instead of using pesticide he applied sex feroman trap, yellow board and organic pest killing method.

To cultivate cucumber in his 15 decemel land his total cost was 25,000 taka and selling amount was 75, 000 taka that means profit is 50,000, in brijal field his cost was 16,000 and selling amount was 45, 000 that means profit is 29,000 taka. In the same way, in his zucchini field his cost was 15,000 taka and selling amount was 30,000 taka, so profit from here is 15000 taka. In the he needed to spent 4500 taka where his selling amount was 22,000 and 17500 taka he got as profit. From all 4 land his profit amount was 1,11,500 taka.

By cultivating vegetable in safe method Abul Daria is now self-relient and happy. In next year he want to cultivate regular and high aue vegetable in all of his land in safe method.

For this regards he expects technicals support from PACE project.