After hearing all of these Harun became interested to cultivate high value vegetable in his land. Then he express his intereste to project agriculture officer and become a registered member.

Harun attended in too many courtyard meeting as well as in farmer’s skill development training. He also received training on making vermi compost, quick compost and organic pest killing method. After getting all the training Harun realized the importance to produce safe vegitable.According to him, in this method one have to spend low cost but the profit amount is high as well as it’s good for health too.

 In September 2018, Harun cultivate lettuce in his 8 decimel land. In this land he applied vermi compost and organic fertilizer. Instead of pesticide he used sex feroman trap, yellow board. Besides these he used detergent powder with bitter leaf powder in plant and also distroyed insects and egg by his hand during regular field visit. As a result no pesticede was needed to apply in field.

 Cultivating Lettuce requres less cost. To cutivate Lettuce he invested 9,200 taka and his selling amount was 27,580 taka that means the profit was 18,380 taka. From this profit he pay land rent and gave his daughters academic fee.

 Now, Harun Mridha is so happy for getting such a good amount from cultivating high value and safe vegetables. He wish in next year, he will cultivate more of his land. He is grateful to PACE project and SDS.