She used to sit in a corner in every monthly coordination meeting of UDC. Being a poor & neglected woman, she did not have scope to talk or mingling with others before. Therefore, she used to speak a little. One day, another UDC member informed others that Parvin’s husband is sick. There is no food at her home, so her family has to starve. She requested other members to help Parvin.

SDS NSA Project staff of f Nurul Islam talked with Parvin & came to know about her condition . All of them started looking for an alternative factors were work for her .Many factors were considered while searching for an alternative income source. Since the area is conservative and women have a little opportunity to go out; they thought of such works that she can do in home using raw materials &elements that are easily available. Parvin bought some bamboo and cane from village & started making mats ,cages, basket etc. She had been introduced with some local wholesalers in union level marketing mobilization meeting, so that she would not face any problems to sell her products. At present Parvin is not dependent on her husbands, income for family maintenance.

At Parvin is not dependent on her husbands income for family maintaince .She is making handicrafts at home. Her daughter is also working with her and presently the mother & dougher are able to earn one thousand to fifteen hudred taka in every week sitting at home. As the wholesalers come to her home for taking the products, Parvin dose not havy any tension for selling her products even. Parvin Begum said, `Attending this meeting I have come to know about the way to gain rights, the way to increase income. I have found a way of earning , following the advice of others . I have realized that, if anyone gets proper advise , she would be able to change his/her fate by own effort.

Now Parvin is almost self dependent . She has the ability to maintain family by own effort. Her future plan is to involve her husband with this work, so that they can achieve solvency through earning more.In the next year she will admit her daughter in high school. She wishes to ensure higher education and bright future for her children. Many households of her village have become involved with the same work being encouraged with Parvin,s success.Some are working for his/her own ,while some are working to earn extra money. This is to be highlited that not the financial help, rather effective advised and cooperation has acted the weapon of Parvin,s economic development.